Relax – really relax!

Do you ever feel restless, as if you should be doing something?  As if there were something itching the inside of you, telling you to move?  Well, you need to decide.  Is now the time to do that something – or not?

If it is not the time, then now is the time to stop.  Just stop.

Switch that itch off.  Talk to it, and tell it to go away.  Have a hot drink, and look out the window….even the smallest natural scene will help.  If you cannot look out and see nature, then take a walk until you can (you can have a cool drink when you get back).

Then maybe a deep peace will fall, the itch will subside, and you will be able to wait until the time for doing arrives.  Well, that is what I tell myself….it does not always work of course.  Here is a picture I took of a tree fern – and I like to look at these. I am not sure why I love tree ferns, but I just do.  They look old to me, and they make me think that all the things that bother me do not matter.  After all, what does it matter, really?   The time to stop is now…..tree-fern