Brand New’s Last Album?

They are saying it will be the last album.

If so, the first song on it will be remembered as one of the best they ever did.


It’s Lana Del Rey Time!

Summertime Sadness indeed.   And it is in fact summertime, yes it is, at least over here it is!  And this is one of her greatest songs.  Mind you Brooklyn Baby and Born to Die are just stunning songs.  I cannot explain it, what I love about her.  She is clearly really clever, able to create identities and characters.  The music evokes past times, earlier vistas of nostalgia, of old pop, of old time Hollywood, of mythic worlds that never ever existed.  I do not know how she does it – it sounds everything except sincere.  And I just love her, her music, her world.

It’s Summer time….

Not that I love summer.  Not at all.  Not even a bit.  Bring back the cool winds of autumn, of winter.  But summer is still something.  Long days.  Changes of hair colour I guess.  And we miss these guys even if they were not really summertime type people really.  Not even a bit.  But a sad little song, and sweet too.